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Chlorine Di oxide Generators

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Chlorine Di oxide Generators
We design, manufacture and supply world class quality Chlorine Dioxide Generators at economical prices. The standard capacity of generators ranges from 1 kg/hr to 40 kg/hr. Any Higher capacity are custom built. The system is offered in 2 configurations.
A. Standard On-shore ClO2 system.
B. Under Water ClO2 Generator.

Our Chlorine Dioxide Generators systems are
  • Simple and Safe, on-demand production of chlorine dioxide

  • Fully automatic or manual operation

  • Calibration columns provide a simple, economical method for settling pump flow rates

  • Basic chemicals for the generation of chlorine dioxide unit use hydrochloric acid HCL and sodium chlorite (NaClO2).
    Both reagents are metered directly from commercial carboys or intermediate storage tanks into the reaction tower where a chlorine dioxide solution is produced.

Advantages of CHLORIDIOX
  • Eliminates chlorine gas & concentrated hypochlorite solutions

  • Produces stable, low concentration chlorine dioxide

  • Modular construction for adding generators adjacent
Chlorine Dioxide:

Chlorine dioxide is a reactive oxidizing gas that is readily soluble in water. Even dilute solutions (10 ppm) of chlorine dioxide have a characteristic of yellow color. The maximum chlorine dioxide concentration is typically 4000 ppm. This is to minimize the concentration of chlorine dioxide gas in equilibrium with the solution.

Generator Automation:
Our Industrial Chlorine dioxide Generators are automated to provide modulation of chlorine dioxide feed rates based upon changes in flow (flow paced control) and chlorine dioxide demand of the water being treated (residual control).

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